Karen has been a musician and educator for more than 20 years, owner of “Music from the Heart”, a home-based music studio where teaching flute, piano, and Kindermusik was a way of life. Classically trained as a flutist, she has been a soloist, performing in church choirs, quintets, and bands in the surrounding area of Western Pennsylvania.

All this experience gave great income that paid the down-payment on our home, but it was never reliable and it certainly was not residual. I began looking for ways to help support our family’s growing needs and tried a few multi-level companies. What I learned was that the multi-level companies made huge promises without any financial rewards.

Mother of three teenage sons, she came to our company 11 years ago as a means to not only improve our family’s health, but also to help support our family’s growing financial needs. I now work for a company that has changed my family’s life both physically, mentally and financially. Now, we are living a better life – one with promise of a great future and the security that comes with being financially free. I love being able to show folks how I make money by using a normal everyday expense and turning it into an investment.

I look forward to the start of each day – because we do make a difference in people’s lives, and I look forward to helping you reach your goals!



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