Our ever changing times…

There is a great sadness that exists in our world and the things that I used to believe in no longer are a part of who I am as a wife or mother. I have always had a strong sense of family values.. a lot in part to how we were raised as children. No, our family growing up wasn’t perfect. We were very flawed or perhaps I was simply too innocent to notice that our family had some very real issues that later in life would shake me to the core.

But, as I have now learned and experienced, the security and family values I had as a child are now something that I pray about more and more each day. You see, I want my own children to have that foundation that will last them a lifetime. I want for my children (and eventually my grandchildren) to have the same strong family values that can never be compromised due to the popular mainstream ideas of our country.

I don’t believe in abortion for birth  control and I am sad to say that I used to believe in the “couples” right to choose (along with their doctors advise). In some respects I was very much pro-choice and in others very much pro-life. I have now come back fully to the belief that it is only God who decides what is right and that every life has a reason to exist. God is truly the one who is in control of our lives and no man-made laws will overrule His goodness or His plan and direction for our lives.

Earlier years I thought where the mothers and childs life was left in a scary balance, I felt the decision should be left to the parents of the baby based on medical advice… knowing that most responsible parents would pray first to God for wisdom and guidance. Knowing what I know now I can’t even begin to imagine the grief of a couple who would choose to end their unborn child’s life … no matter what the reason!

We were ten years married before we had our first child and doctors said that we would never have children on our own. Well, here we are 32 years later with three blessings from God. We prayed and listened to family and friends nearly destroying our marriage… went as far as we were comfortable with science. What doctors tried to do in their office, we were able to do in the privacy of our own home.

It worked three times!!!


About karenbobic

I am a sah-wahm of three sons. Trained as a musician/educator, I taught in the private sector for more than 20 years. I have a passion for helping others including animal rescue. I love to spend time with our family, friends and of course our english springer spaniels.
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