Too many wires .. too many cords .. oh my…

I’m beginning to think it’s time to go back to some really basic equipment .. PEN and PAPER and that’s it! (with a corded phone) .. Just trying to find the cell phone charger is enough to make one crazy (as if I’m not already there!

Between cell phone chargers, camera chargers, laptops, cordless phones, ipods/pad, etc .. there’s entirely too much ‘live frequency’ going on around here .. and that doesn’t even count for the kids ‘electronics’ including their computers/phones, etc!

And, for the record .. don’t even begin to think about the GPS’s that we have .. 3 of them .. one for each licensed driver .. and ALL the same brand for ease of switching cars … NOT! .. Why can’t all these ‘brand’ name company that make these devices so we can find our way to the local supermarket with interchangeable holders and chargers!!!!!!!

The boys dad bought a new one recently .. just like mine .. and wouldn’t you know it .. even though it looks exactly the same . they use entirely different chargers and the holder doesn’t fit both units.. meaning if we switch cars for any reason .. have to switch out all cords and holders!!!

TOO MUCH 😉 .. time to go back to a less gadget era! ..
ps.. perish the thought as I might go into withdrawal .. if you don’t hear from me within a reasonable time, call the authorities!!!!!!!!! this blonde is on the loose! and not fully wired!

Have a great day!!!


About karenbobic

I am a sah-wahm of three sons. Trained as a musician/educator, I taught in the private sector for more than 20 years. I have a passion for helping others including animal rescue. I love to spend time with our family, friends and of course our english springer spaniels.
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