In Memory .. rest in peace

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us and with that we will share many memories of the past and dream of those memories we will make in future. I happened to watch the “Dash” movie that came in my inbox this morning and thought how appropriate that today of all days it would come again.

We’ve all seen the movie that is so thought provoking –

Yesterday was a day that began early and with a phone call. My sister called to give some very sad news. Our cousin who lived far away had died. When my sister first said there was some very sad news my first thought went to our aunt and uncle who live about an hour from their daughter. They like our own parents are up in years and health not good. The role reversals that come when you need to start caring for your parents – that sandwich generation is what we are dealing with in our own family .. much like so many people we know.

I still can’t grasp the idea that our dear cousin is gone from this earth to what I hope for her is peace and calm after many years of depression and sadness. Knowing in my heart that she is in a better place comes with questions as our cousin didn’t always see our vision of God.

Christine leaves behind a loving husband, wonderful caring parents, and a brother who would always look up to her. She had a beautiful soul and compassion for those around her and always armed with a great sense of humor.

My memories of her was a visit to the states and time spent sharing childhood stories. We didn’t meet until adults. In a way sad that we didn’t have the play and friendship in our growing up years. At that particular time, Christine was an avid knitter who had us crocheting flowers in a hot US summer day! The heat didn’t seem to phase her at all. Hearing her memories of being in England with our Mum made it seem like we’d share the same childhood. Her expressions and her own mother’s expressions were so like our Mum’s that it felt like we had known them all our lives and had shared those memories directly. When Christine looked at you, it was as if she saw right to your very core – she knew you and loved you.

Now it is with great sadness that her life was cut short. As our lives have grown up and apart we had lost touch with her. You cannot reclaim that time which is gone .. those minutes are gone forever .. but the memories that we have of the past will last long into the future.

Rest in peace dear Christine .. we will always love you and miss you…


About karenbobic

I am a sah-wahm of three sons. Trained as a musician/educator, I taught in the private sector for more than 20 years. I have a passion for helping others including animal rescue. I love to spend time with our family, friends and of course our english springer spaniels.
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